Quick Trip to Tennessee


Wednesday, October 21 – With almost certain rain threatening the area, we decided this afternoon that it might be a good time to visit our grand kids in Tennessee. We left around 7 pm tonight and drove all night. We … See more

Aspen’s 18th Birthday


Saturday, October 10 – Aspen and Carolina cooked up their own special celebration meal. We actually celebrated twice. The Thursday before we were in the Amarillo area for a funeral of a sweet lady. After the services, in the afternoon, … See more

The Buck Jump


Friday, September 25  – On the way to Matador, we saw these two bucks, still in the velvet, by the road. We pulled over and Stockton was able to get several photos and a video out the back window of … See more

Stockton’s Reptile Show


Friday, September 25 – Stockton had a fun “show & Tell” for the elementary classes at Patton Springs School in Afton. He took his lizards, turtles, gecko, snakes and even a dragon. I think he enjoyed it as much as … See more

Jake Shannon Wedding


Saturday, September 12 – We traveled to northern Lubbock county to attend the wedding of Jake Shannon, Nathan’s little brother. It was a nice evening and it was a treat to see family and friends we hadn’t seen in a … See more

The California Stove


Remember my recent post on “The Miracle Cake“? I was writing about my temporary stove and how I really wanted to get my old vintage stove repaired. Well, when we went to the Dallas area a few weeks ago, we … See more

Elk Hunt


Friday, September 4 – Nathan and his brother Chris went looking for Elk in Colorado again this year. As you can see, they didn’t spend an enormous amount of time taking pictures.   Chris took these two pictures of Nathan. … See more

Evening Feeding


Friday, August 14 – Stockton was out feeding the cows and horses. I snapped a couple of shots as he threw out the hay. … See more