The Force Awakens


Thursday, December 17 – We were so excited to be among the first group in Lubbock to see the new Star Wars movie. It was amazing. We had a great day in Lubbock shopping and eating out, too. Waiting to … See more

Thanksgiving Lunch


Thursday, November 26 – We had a very fun group assembled at the Pringle’s in Wilson today. Sunny invited a family from Germany that is in Texas attending the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock. Melissa brought a friend of … See more

Short Deer Season


Monday, November 23 – Stockton has become quite the hunter. He got a whitetail ten-point buck and a nine-point mule deer buck in a 24-hour period. Way to go, Stockton! … See more

Quick Visit from Tennessee


We really enjoyed getting to see Atlanta and Jordan and the kids before Thanksgiving. They couldn’t stay long, but we loved every minute. Isn’t Alan growing? Carolina and Marian napping and sharing a snack Tuesday night Sunny, Jim, Hannah and … See more

The Costumes


Saturday, November 7 – Here’s some photos of the Shannon bunch in their costumes for the dance. We hadn’t dressed up in a while, it was fun. Kylo Ren and a medieval princess Andrea and Laredo just stepped out of … See more

New Milk Cow Heifer


Friday, November 6 – One of our milk cows, Belle, showed up with this little darling this morning. Aspen wants to name her Beatrix, but I am thinking Brazil. She does have the shape of South America on her head… … See more