Big Thanksgiving Get-Together

Thursday, November 24 –

There was a pretty large group this year at our annual get together in Wilson. The weather was perfect and the food was amazing. Everything was so delicious. Several new dishes made appearances this year.

photo_20161124_130216 photo_20161124_124944

As well as a new person or two in the family…



photo_20161124_130236 photo_20161124_130242 photo_20161124_130255 photo_20161124_130302 photo_20161124_130339 photo_20161124_130443 afterfocus_1480202480145 photo_20161124_130513 photo_20161124_131658 photo_20161124_131705 photo_20161124_144414 photo_20161124_144416 photo_20161124_144505 photo_20161124_145222 photo_20161124_145228 photo_20161124_145429 photo_20161124_145624 photo_20161124_145652 photo_20161124_145703 photo_20161124_150227


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