Fall Visit with the Goodwins

Wednesday, November 10 –

We had a wonderful visit with Atlanta & Jordan and our little Goodwins, Marian and Alan. They are so darling. We kept busy mostly around the house playing with toys and games, playing restaurant in the playhouse and enjoying the warm days in the sandbox. They got to ride horses one day and we took a long walk together, another. One of the highlights was getting to know their new cousin and spending time with family. It’s always so sad when they leave and we immediately begin looking forward to the next time when we will be together.


Marian inspects Stockton’s lizards while Alan is busy in the living room shooting a play snake.



Enjoying a snack.


Meeting little Bella for the first time. img_20161102_172926 img_20161102_173333

Sweet cousins. img_20161102_173543


Catching up with Siblings at Mambo’s house in Matador


Another fun day together playing gamesimg_20161103_145103

…and watching the kids play

img_20161103_145120 img_20161103_145158 img_20161103_150048

New baby and significant baby bump.

img_20161103_201207 img_20161103_203056

Yummy pizzas and proud Aunt


Selfie timeimg_20161105_140655

Marian and Carolina romping on the trampolineimg_20161105_140859

Hanging out and driving around

img-20161103-wa0000 img-20161103-wa0001

How about a tea party?

img_20161105_125025 img_20161105_125046 img_20161105_125159 img_20161105_140539

Atlanta with Great Grannyimg_20161105_140605


img_20161105_140841 img_20161105_163225

Andrea stirs up a white sauce and Bella practices adorableness.

img_20161105_165221 img_20161105_165239 img_20161105_165404

Fun with the Tidwells and Granny


Welcome to Marian’s Cafe…


The boys played Risk all day


Time for some pony rides!

img-20161105-wa0006 img-20161105-wa0007 img-20161105-wa0003

Story time with Gram Gram


Bella teaches class…


Fun with playdough


Playing with legos…


Going on a walk…img_20161109_163402 img_20161109_163642 img_20161109_164319 img_20161109_164341




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