After the Rain

Sunday, April 26 –

On the way home tonight, we followed a rain storm and got to watch a full double rainbow for the whole drive. At home, the clouds were especially pretty reflected in the recently created puddles.

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Ladies of the Matador Church of Christ Host Shower

Sunday, April 26 –

Many old friends were in attendance at Diann Campbell’s house Sunday afternoon as the area ladies honored Courtney and Cim and showered them with kitchen goodies. Each one brought a recipe and all the ingredients, including the pan, needed to fix it. It was very fun.

Shower in Lubbock for Courtney and Cim

Saturday, April 25 –

We had a nice shower at the home of Joy Rainey, grandmother of the groom. Many friends and relatives came to congratulate the couple and bring a gift for the new household.

Easter European Missions Banquet

Thursday, April 23

Tonight, a group from the Matador church of Christ met with other Christians in Lubbock for a meal and presentation from the EEM. Their mission is to print and distribute Bibles all throughout eastern Europe. Amazing things are happening overseas. The schools and universities are begging for Bibles–IN THE SCHOOL SYSTEMS. They’ve been a Godless country for a long time and they have reaped the consequences. I only wish our country would embrace God’s word in such a way. Check out their website at

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Matador Storms Bring Excitement

Wednesday, April 22 –

While sitting in church, my phone vibrated with a warning signal from my RadarNow app. I glanced at the radar to see an ominous cloud headed for Matador and a red tornado warning box around us. Church lasted 10 more minutes and then we all zoomed away quickly. We decided to drive home. As we got east of town heading north on FM 94, we could see the cloud more clearly. It was very dark and low hanging. I had Carolina snapping pictures in the back seat on her tablet, but when we got home and could look at them, we found that they were dark and blurry. I wish we could have gotten better pictures.

However, Cim found this photo by a storm watcher on facebook reposted by a friend of his. This would be facing east, taken from the Allsup’s parking lot.

storm 3

This video was posted on facebook by Don Baxter, Jr.

We noticed a storm chaser sitting on the edge of town as we sped home. I found a youtube video that must have been taken by him and captured these two shots. His name is Spencer Basoco. This is exactly what we saw in front of us in the northern sky on our way home.

storm shot 2 storm shot

The real scary cloud was in the western sky headed toward Matador. I wish these shots were better, but maybe you can get an idea of what we were seeing.

wpid-img_20150423_103438_5_.jpg wpid-img_20150423_103433_4_.jpg wpid-img_20150423_103425_2_.jpg wpid-img_20150423_103421_1_.jpg

Well, I told you they weren’t that good. I wish I would have stopped and taken some, but we were in a pretty big hurry to get home. Georgia ended up going to the courthouse in Matador. They have a large basement. She said there were about 100 people there during the worst of the storm.





Rusty and the Rattlesnake

Tuesday, April 21 –

This afternoon, Stockton and Carolina heard a rattler under a large piece of plywood out by the barn. Rusty, of course, stuck his nose under it for a better look. They came to the house to ask for help getting the board up so Stockton could get a shot at it. I told them to wait for Nathan or the big boys to get home because I didn’t want them putting their hands under it. About that time Rusty shows up at the house with fang marks on his nose.


We talked to a vet who was willing to meet us in Childress if it turned out to be a bad case. But he said that a bite on the nose is the best place to have one (if you’re a dog).


Meanwhile, Rusty is enjoying his new status as a patient. Stockton is brushing him and trying to get him to stay calm. His nose is beginning to swell, but other than that, he seems fine.

When Cimarron got home, he and Stockton went back out and killed the snake. They said that under that piece of plywood was the rattler, a racer snake, a ground snake and a box turtle (which Stockton kept). The rattlesnake had 12 buttons, but was normal size.

Copy of DSC_0114

As I write this at 10:12 pm, he seems to be fine. I think he dodged a bullet this time.



Pink & Purple Sunrise and Secret Messages in the Sand

Monday, April 20 –

This morning’s sunrise is a special treat for anyone.

DSC_0912 DSC_0913 DSC_0914

But look at the extra-special surprise I got after I took these pictures and started back to the house. Carolina had left a message in the sand for me and Nathan.

DSC_0915 DSC_0916

Individual Coconut Oil Servings *Made Easy*

Everyone’s trying to consume more coconut oil these days. I recently read Grain Brain, a book by neurologist Dr. Pearlmutter. Besides stressing the negative and mostly irreversible impact of gluten and sugar on the brain, he advocates for the consumption of lots of good fats including olive oil, butter, fish oil and coconut oil. Since our brains are mostly made of fat, we need lots of it to keep this organ working properly. Unfortunately, a lot of people are paying for the misinformation that’s been pushed as unquestionable science for 40 years; i.e. the “healthy” low fat diet. Now we know that’s an oxymoron and our unhealthy population proves it. So now we should all be trying to add these healthy fats into our diet. Dr. Ben Edwards of Lubbock advocates at least a tablespoon of organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil daily. This can be used in cooking, added to coffee, as a spread, or just eaten straight out of the jar. If you’re like me, I keep all my fresh oils in the refrigerator so they won’t go rancid (already a common problem of all those off the shelf oils at the supermarket). That makes using coconut oil a little harder. It gets quite firm when chilled and is difficult to dig out of the jar. If you buy your coconut oil by the gallon, it’s even more difficult to reach into the jar once you’ve used the first half. This is my solution to that problem.

Set your jar of oil out on the counter until spoon-able. Dip out enough to fill a medium saucepan. Return the jar to the refrigerator. Warm the oil in the saucepan on low heat until it is pourable. Or in warm weather months, just set it out on the counter until pourable. Pour into mini muffin pans with muffin papers. The cups hold about a tablespoon of oil each. Place the pans in the refrigerator or a cold place until the oil becomes solid again.

DSC_0150 DSC_0151

Place in a ziplock bag and keep refrigerated. Now you have a single serving tablespoon of coconut oil ready to pop into the skillet, popcorn popper, melt for breads and cakes or break into pieces for coffee or eating. Hope this helps you consume more healthy coconut oil!


Accolades and a Traveling Cloud Show

Thursday, April 16 –

Today we ran to Lubbock. As with most of our trips to the big city, we had several reasons for going and several errands to run–many more than could possibly be accomplished.

Our main reason was to see Andrea Crowley inducted into the prestigious Sigma Tau Delta International Collegiate Honor Society.




We also enjoyed going to supper with her parents and grandparents. Earlier in the day we shopped at our favorite used clothing store and found some treasures.

On the way home, thunderstorms were active in counties all around us. We were treated to an awesome display of atmospheric eye candy.