Green Food, actually

Wednesday, April 13 –

Join Marian and Alan for a healthy picnic by the creek. Everything’s going well until Marian hears a bull frog and gets a little nervous.


The Working Man

If your 12-month-old isn’t doing his share of the chores and your 24-month-old isn’t cooking, you may not be expecting enough out of your children. Atlanta and Jordan’s son, Alan, is pulling his weight.


Male Communication

Monday, April 4 – No surprise that father and son, Jordan and Alan, discuss a book about tractors with nothing but sounds. No words needed!

Jennifer Ward Baby Shower


Saturday, February 27 – How fortunate that Atlanta was in Texas when Jennifer’s shower rolled around. We drove over to Clarendon a little early to do some antique shopping. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find very much open in Memphis or Clarendon, … See more

Bridal Shower in Plainview


Saturday, February 6 – All our home school friends gave Andrea & Laredo a shower in the home of Kathryn Holloway. Everything was fixed up so beautifully and the refreshments were amazing. Thank you to all that helped make this … See more

Shower in Midland


Sunday, January 31 – The ladies of Fairmont Park church of Christ in Midland, where Andrea’s father is the pulpit minister, showered her with gifts galore. Andrea’s grandmother, Judy, aunt, Denise, and cousin, Makenna as well as the Shannon ladies, … See more

Windy’s Birthday Surprises


Saturday, January 16 – Courtney and Cim invited us for supper at their house tonight. We had a delicious pasta dish and a chocolate cake with delicious icing. The best present I got was when Courtney and Cim gave me … See more

My December Skies


First, take a look at our Christmas morning sky Then, the next day a major winter storm hit and we were indoors for a couple of days. Monday, December 28 – The wind finally died down enough to venture out … See more

The Force Awakens


Thursday, December 17 – We were so excited to be among the first group in Lubbock to see the new Star Wars movie. It was amazing. We had a great day in Lubbock shopping and eating out, too. Waiting to … See more