Cim & Courtney Wedding Video


If you haven’t seen it, here’s the link to the amazingly romantic video short of the recent “Wedding of the Century II” put together by videographer, Caleb Phipps.   … See more

The Jeep Ride *with video*


Friday, June 12 – Tonight we piled in for a quick ride to the mailbox and back. The skies were overcast. Rain was headed our way, but just now the elements were perfect for a jeep ride. Still pictures just … See more

Apricot Harvest


Friday, June 12 – Nathan and his mom were able to pick apricots from a tree in Matador. It had been pretty well picked over, but with a tall ladder, Nathan was able to reach some real beauties near the … See more

New Porch Furnishings


We moved this love seat out of the house. When one of the legs broke, that was the last straw. Until the guys have time to haul it off, Rusty is enjoying the new porch furnishings. The cushions? The kids … See more

June 9, 2015


What’s so special about June 9? Well, in my book, June 9 was an exceptionally fine cloud day. The sunrise and evening clouds were so colorful and spectacular that they deserve a blog post of their very own. What do … See more

Horse School


Sunday, May 31 – Nathan, Stockton and Carolina went riding this afternoon. It had been a while since they had all gotten to go together. Nathan said his horse especially needed a lot of “schooling”. These pictures were taken when … See more

May Skies


May was a very busy month this year. I’m afraid I wasn’t very regular about posting. However, I did find time to rush outside and take pictures of the beautiful and sometimes threatening clouds. So, for the sake of simplicity, … See more

The Little House


Marian had so much fun playing in Carolina’s playhouse. We would come to the sliding side window and pretend to order something. Then we would pay with a little “credit card”. Carolina’s little plastic cash register makes a little computer … See more