Nine Months *Video*


Thursday, June 1 – Nine months is a long time. That’s how long we waited on Bella to get here and nine months is how old she is today. She’s such an adorable little darling and has a smile that … See more

Callahan Michael Shannon


Thursday, May 18 – Early on the morning of May 12, Andrea and Laredo, had a sweet little boy. He weighed 7 lb., 14 oz. and was 21 1/4″ long. He was born in Midland, Texas at a natural birthing center. … See more

Elsie Meets Granddad


Saturday, May 6 – We just returned from spending a few days in Tennessee. Nathan was anxious to meet Elsie, Atlanta’s new baby, who is already 5 months old. The visit wasn’t long enough, but at least we were able to spend … See more

Stockton’s Quick Turkey Hunt

2017-04-19 17.24.22

Thursday, April 20 – As we were leaving our lease farm at Roaring Springs this afternoon, Stockton spotted three turkeys under a nearby tree. He had his little 410 with him, so he loaded it and jumped out. He bagged … See more

First Anniversary


Sunday, March 12 – Laredo and Andrea are celebrating their first anniversary today. This picture was taken yesterday when they were out and about. Andrea has been such a wonderful addition to the Shannon’s. She and Laredo make the sweetest … See more



Saturday, March 11 – Today has been cool and misty, but this has been a devastatingly hot, dry and windy week. Abnormally high temperatures, low humidity and 35 mph winds fanned the flames of several wildfires in the Texas panhandle. … See more

Christmas at Granny’s


Monday, December 26 – Everybody met at Granny’s in Lubbock for an evening gathering. I guess we hadn’t consumed enough snacks, food and dessert over the holidays already… Sunny brought sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. As usual, the … See more

Wonderful Christmas Day


Sunday, December 25 – The day started out with presents from Santa and then we went to church. After which, the married kids joined us for lunch at the house and more “Christmas-ing”. … See more

Rogue One + Babysitting


Monday, December 19 – The kids joined up with Cim, Courtney, Laredo and Andrea and some of the Phipps and drove to Plainview to see the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One. Aspen, Stockton and Carolina even dressed up in … See more

Elspeth Victoria Goodwin (Elsie)


Tuesday, December 6 – Another darling child was born today in the Goodwin home in Tennessee. Little Elsie came without much fanfare or trouble. Everything went well (considering her midwife was delayed with another birth and didn’t get there in … See more

Bella at Church


Sunday, November 27 – Cim and Courtney sit in front of us at church. So that makes our view especially wonderful. Today she was in a little Christmas outfit. And last week she was sucking her thumb and looking adorable… … See more