Colorful Visitor on a Gray Day


Wednesday, February 21 – I snapped a few pictures of a Gold-fronted Woodpecker that was visiting our feeder for a little snack. It certainly stood out in contrast to the cool tones of the front yard today. The male woodpecker has the … See more

Breezy Hike at Caprock Canyons


Monday, February 19 – Atlanta and Jordan stayed an extra day so that we could go to Caprock Canyons State Park near Quitaque. Atlanta really wanted to show it to Jordan and the kids. Sadly, Aspen, Carolina and Nathan were … See more

Supper in Lubbock


Tuesday, February 13 – Sunny and Jim hosted a special supper in Lubbock in honor of the Goodwin visit. Their new house is the perfect place to host a large group. The meal was yummy hamburgers with all the fixin’s. … See more

Blast from the Past

Nathan Shannon and Steve Johnson. New Deal High School 1983

Saturday, November 11 – Nathan’s best friend from high school, Steve Johnson, and his son, Luke, stopped by for a visit today. He and Nathan swapped stories about their high school days and caught up on the latest family news. Most … See more

Fun Week with Callahan


Monday, October 16 – Since Laredo had a week off between classes, he and Andrea and little Cal got to spend some time at the ranch. We loved having them here close enough to really get to know Cal. He’s … See more

Sunday Photo Shoot


Sunday, October 15 – After church and lunch we took the opportunity of getting some family shots now that Cim and Courtney’s new baby is here. Save … See more

The A,B,C’s of a Great Weekend


A is for Axel B is for Bella C is for Courtney & Cim Put them all together and it makes for a darling family and a great weekend. They spent time here with us and at their old house … See more

Newest Grandbaby – Axel Wayne Shannon


Wednesday, September 20 – Cimarron and Courtney have a second child, a son this time. Finally, after taking his sweet time, Axel made his appearance at 9:40 pm on Tuesday, September 19, 11 days late. But as you can see … See more

The Total Eclipse – Photos & Video


Monday, August 21 – One of the highlights of our Tennessee trip was getting to be in the path of the total eclipse. We attended a watch party at a home near Nashville. There were lots of people there and … See more

Trip to Tennessee and the *New Camera*


Saturday, August 19 – The kids and I made a fast trip up to see the Tennessee branch of the family. After many years of needing a new camera, the decision to buy one was finally made. I used some … See more