The Costumes


Saturday, November 7 – Here’s some photos of the Shannon bunch in their costumes for the dance. We hadn’t dressed up in a while, it was fun. Kylo Ren and a medieval princess Andrea and Laredo just stepped out of … See more

New Milk Cow Heifer


Friday, November 6 – One of our milk cows, Belle, showed up with this little darling this morning. Aspen wants to name her Beatrix, but I am thinking Brazil. She does have the shape of South America on her head… … See more

Masquerade Ball


Saturday, October 24 – The church where Atlanta and Jordan attend hosted a get-together while we were in town. It was fun getting to know some of their friends better. Perhaps these costumes will give you some ideas of what … See more

Tennessee Wedding

Cece and Boo

Saturday, October 24 – While in Tennessee, we got to attend the wedding of one of the West girls, Cece. The venue was also at the farm of some of our friends, the Lee’s. Everything was beautiful and the weather … See more

Quick Trip to Tennessee


Wednesday, October 21 – With almost certain rain threatening the area, we decided this afternoon that it might be a good time to visit our grand kids in Tennessee. We left around 7 pm tonight and drove all night. We … See more

Aspen’s 18th Birthday


Saturday, October 10 – Aspen and Carolina cooked up their own special celebration meal. We actually celebrated twice. The Thursday before we were in the Amarillo area for a funeral of a sweet lady. After the services, in the afternoon, … See more