Cuteness for Sale!


We have two little Shorkies for sale. One black male and one black female. They’re so darling. The father is a registered Yorkie, and the mother is a full-blood unregistered Shih Tzu. We’re asking $200. Watch the video and see … See more

Unloading Hay


Monday, October 6 – The guys spent a couple of hours unloading hay this morning. Meanwhile, Stockton and Carolina had fun making a hay fort. … See more

Goodbye September


Tuesday, September 30 – The last day of the month featured an amazing sunrise and a  blazingly beautiful sunset.   … See more

Tucking In the Turkeys


Monday, September 29 – I snapped these pictures one evening of Aspen getting her lavender turkeys ready for bed. They’re all very tame and seem very fond of her. … See more

Seven Spectacular Skies


A sky lover’s smorgasbord of sunrises and sunsets. Don’t miss this gallery of beautiful pictures.

TCHAP Get-Together


Saturday, September 13 – A nice group gathered for food, fellowship, information and dancing. We enjoyed speakers discussing gardening, solar oven cooking and nutrient-dense foods. Nathan joined Robert Payne for a discussion of water and electrical solutions in an emergency … See more

Stockton’s Fantasy Fire Photo


Thursday, September 11 – Periodically, we burn our boxes in a small depression out on the flat in front of the house. Stockton used the occasion to stage a pretty awesome photo shoot with one of his air soft guns. … See more

Cuteness Alert!


The puppies are growing and starting to run around. We’re taking them outside every 90 minutes or so to try and train them not to mess in the house. Aren’t they too cute? … See more

Moon Rising, Sun Setting


Monday, September 8 – I wish this large full moon would show up in pictures more real to life looking, but it’s still impressive. … See more

Another One Bites the Dust


Sunday, September 7, 2014 – This evening was another beautiful early fall evening. It had all the elements that are needed for a guaranteed ShannonRanch blog post; gorgeous skies, kids playing, rattlesnakes…etc. … See more