Britt Brashear Wedding


Friday, August 7 – We attended this beautiful wedding at Walnut Tree Weddings just west of Olton. It was a really neat spot. The weather was perfect and it was fun seeing some of my relatives, too.   … See more

More Family Fun


Wednesday, July 22 – Continuing the fun from yesterday, family members met up in Lubbock for even more food and fellowship with the Hamilton clan. … See more

Visitors from the East


Tuesday, July 21 – Today, my uncle and cousins stopped by for a visit. It’s not often we get visitors from North Carolina, so it was a very special occasion. We had lunch and then spent some time catching up. … See more


Elbows & Knees

Monday, July 13 –

Marian sets the record straight about what goes where.

A Milestone


Sunday, July 12 – Today Atlanta turned 25 years old. I just wanted to post a few pictures to help celebrate her big day. Daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother; you’ve been them all with grace and beauty. We love … See more

Wild Plum Jelly


Sunday, July 5 – Yesterday, while at Cim & Courtney’s near Afton, we picked wild plums. We didn’t make any at our place near Northfield this year, but the Afton bushes were really loaded. We had a lot of help … See more

The Fourth


Saturday, July 4 – Today we went to Cim & Courtney’s for the afternoon and for supper. We picked plums, watched the kids shoot fireworks and play tag and visited. We had Mexican stack for supper with all the fixings … See more

Birthday Goodies


Friday, July 3 – Carolina’s miracle cake and some birthday gifts for Carolina and Stockton make for a fun evening. We even managed to surprise them with some new bikes. … See more

The Miracle Cake


Friday, July 3 – This is the story of a birthday cake that shouldn’t have been edible, but somehow survived a very unusual baking process. It begins with a broken stove. My stove went out and we decided not to … See more


Happy about Summer!


Aspen took some pictures of Carolina throwing up some blooms from the desert willow tree. I visited to turn them into this funny gif file.

Hidden Animals


Can you find the hidden creature(s) in these photographs? Did you find them all?     … See more