Cuteness Alert!


The puppies are growing and starting to run around. We’re taking them outside every 90 minutes or so to try and train them not to mess in the house. Aren’t they too cute? … See more

Moon Rising, Sun Setting


Monday, September 8 – I wish this large full moon would show up in pictures more real to life looking, but it’s still impressive. … See more

Another One Bites the Dust


Sunday, September 7, 2014 – This evening was another beautiful early fall evening. It had all the elements that are needed for a guaranteed ShannonRanch blog post; gorgeous skies, kids playing, rattlesnakes…etc. … See more

Bitty Boomer


Saturday, September 6 – Laredo and Cim brought Stockton another Mountain Boomer. This one is very young and small but seems to be naturally unafraid of Stockton.   … See more

Precious Fat


That’s the pet name of this little female Shorkie. She’s double the size of the other two (we lost the little runt). No guessing why. She’s a big, pushy, glutenous bully. But we love her.  

Rattlesnake at Sunset


Monday, September 1, 2014 – I headed outside to take some pictures of the sky. I was wearing my flip-flops and looking up, and noticed something a couple of feet from my foot out of the corner of my eye … See more

Puppy Update


Wednesday, August 27 – The puppies are really growing. They still don’t have their eyes open, but that doesn’t stop them from scooting around the room when mom’s not looking. They are five days old. … See more

Trip to Tennessee

Swimming at Cane Creek

Saturday, August 23, 2014 – What a fun trip. We had lots of fun visiting, swimming, and running around Atlanta and Jordan’s neck of the woods for almost 10 days. Scroll through the pictures and see what all we were … See more