Storm Chasing from my Computer Chair

5.16 (2)

Saturday, May 16 – Today was the big race that Cim, Laredo, and the Phipps boys have been working toward. It’s called a “Tough Mudder” race. It was 11 miles of mud and obstacles. It was in a small Oklahoma … See more

Mother’s Day Surprises


Sunday, May 10 – Today was filled with very nice surprises. First, upon awakening, this was what I saw waiting for me on my desk.   a large vase of wildflowers, cards, posters and various notes. As we left out … See more

After the Rain


Sunday, April 26 – On the way home tonight, we followed a rain storm and got to watch a full double rainbow for the whole drive. At home, the clouds were especially pretty reflected in the recently created puddles. … See more

Ladies of the Matador Church of Christ Host Shower


Sunday, April 26 – Many old friends were in attendance at Diann Campbell’s house Sunday afternoon as the area ladies honored Courtney and Cim and showered them with kitchen goodies. Each one brought a recipe and all the ingredients, including … See more

Shower in Lubbock for Courtney and Cim


Saturday, April 25 – We had a nice shower at the home of Joy Rainey, grandmother of the groom. Many friends and relatives came to congratulate the couple and bring a gift for the new household. … See more

Matador Storms Bring Excitement

storm shot

Wednesday, April 22 – While sitting in church, my phone vibrated with a warning signal from my RadarNow app. I glanced at the radar to see an ominous cloud headed for Matador and a red tornado warning box around us. … See more

Rusty and the Rattlesnake


Tuesday, April 21 – This afternoon, Stockton and Carolina heard a rattler under a large piece of plywood out by the barn. Rusty, of course, stuck his nose under it for a better look. They came to the house to … See more

Individual Coconut Oil Servings *Made Easy*


Everyone’s trying to consume more coconut oil these days. I recently read Grain Brain, a book by neurologist Dr. Pearlmutter. Besides stressing the negative and mostly irreversible impact of gluten and sugar on the brain, he advocates for the consumption … See more

Accolades and a Traveling Cloud Show


Thursday, April 16 – Today we ran to Lubbock. As with most of our trips to the big city, we had several reasons for going and several errands to run–many more than could possibly be accomplished. Our main reason was … See more