Fun Week with Callahan


Monday, October 16 – Since Laredo had a week off between classes, he and Andrea and little Cal got to spend some time at the ranch. We loved having them here close enough to really get to know Cal. He’s … See more

The A,B,C’s of a Great Weekend


A is for Axel B is for Bella C is for Courtney & Cim Put them all together and it makes for a darling family and a great weekend. They spent time here with us and at their old house … See more

Newest Grandbaby – Axel Wayne Shannon


Wednesday, September 20 – Cimarron and Courtney have a second child, a son this time. Finally, after taking his sweet time, Axel made his appearance at 9:40 pm on Tuesday, September 19, 11 days late. But as you can see … See more

The Total Eclipse – Photos & Video


Monday, August 21 – One of the highlights of our Tennessee trip was getting to be in the path of the total eclipse. We attended a watch party at a home near Nashville. There were lots of people there and … See more

Trip to Tennessee and the *New Camera*


Saturday, August 19 – The kids and I made a fast trip up to see the Tennessee branch of the family. After many years of needing a new camera, the decision to buy one was finally made. I used some … See more

McKittrick Canyon Hike

2017-08-01 13.22.50

Tuesday, August 1 – Because we thought we hadn’t walked enough the day before, we drove about 45 miles south to the northern end of the Guadalupe Mountains and hiked up Mckittrick Canyon. It’s part of the large Guadalupe State … See more

Quick Trip to Carlsbad Caverns


Monday, July 31 – Trying to get a quick trip in before the summer ended, we decided to visit Carlsbad Caverns over in New Mexico. We arrived in the town of Carlsbad before noon (since we gained an hour on … See more

Baby Shower for Courtney in Midland


Sunday, July 9 – We got up early and traveled to Midland in order to attend a baby shower for Courtney that the Fairmont Park church of Christ was giving her for her expected baby boy in September. After the … See more

Stockton’s 16th Birthday


Wednesday, July 5 – He started out small, but he’s getting tall. He has always liked reptiles and he still has a room full of them. He’s still a handsome cowboy. For his special birthday meal, he had chicken fried … See more

Carolina’s 14th Birthday


Monday, July 3 – Can my baby actually be 14? Who sped up the world while I wasn’t looking? She reads her own books now and is quite fond of music. She and big sister, Aspen, have gotten really close. … See more