Stockton’s 16th Birthday


Wednesday, July 5 – He started out small, but he’s getting tall. He has always liked reptiles and he still has a room full of them. He’s still a handsome cowboy. For his special birthday meal, he had chicken fried … See more

Carolina’s 14th Birthday


Monday, July 3 – Can my baby actually be 14? Who sped up the world while I wasn’t looking? She reads her own books now and is quite fond of music. She and big sister, Aspen, have gotten really close. … See more

Bella Crawls

2017-05-21 10.53.07

Saturday, June 24 – We got to spend some time with Cim, Courtney and Bella this weekend. I shot this video as Bella was having fun shuffling through papers and playing with toys. Then when she saw her daddy, she … See more

Nine Months *Video*


Thursday, June 1 – Nine months is a long time. That’s how long we waited on Bella to get here and nine months is how old she is today. She’s such an adorable little darling and has a smile that … See more

Callahan Michael Shannon


Thursday, May 18 – Early on the morning of May 12, Andrea and Laredo, had a sweet little boy. He weighed 7 lb., 14 oz. and was 21 1/4″ long. He was born in Midland, Texas at a natural birthing center. … See more

Elsie Meets Granddad


Saturday, May 6 – We just returned from spending a few days in Tennessee. Nathan was anxious to meet Elsie, Atlanta’s new baby, who is already 5 months old. The visit wasn’t long enough, but at least we were able to spend … See more

Stockton’s Quick Turkey Hunt

2017-04-19 17.24.22

Thursday, April 20 – As we were leaving our lease farm at Roaring Springs this afternoon, Stockton spotted three turkeys under a nearby tree. He had his little 410 with him, so he loaded it and jumped out. He bagged … See more

First Anniversary


Sunday, March 12 – Laredo and Andrea are celebrating their first anniversary today. This picture was taken yesterday when they were out and about. Andrea has been such a wonderful addition to the Shannon’s. She and Laredo make the sweetest … See more



Saturday, March 11 – Today has been cool and misty, but this has been a devastatingly hot, dry and windy week. Abnormally high temperatures, low humidity and 35 mph winds fanned the flames of several wildfires in the Texas panhandle. … See more

Christmas at Granny’s


Monday, December 26 – Everybody met at Granny’s in Lubbock for an evening gathering. I guess we hadn’t consumed enough snacks, food and dessert over the holidays already… Sunny brought sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. As usual, the … See more

Wonderful Christmas Day


Sunday, December 25 – The day started out with presents from Santa and then we went to church. After which, the married kids joined us for lunch at the house and more “Christmas-ing”. … See more