Elbows & Knees

Monday, July 13 –

Marian sets the record straight about what goes where.

A Milestone


Sunday, July 12 – Today Atlanta turned 25 years old. I just wanted to post a few pictures to help celebrate her big day. Daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother; you’ve been them all with grace and beauty. We love … See more

Wild Plum Jelly


Sunday, July 5 – Yesterday, while at Cim & Courtney’s near Afton, we picked wild plums. We didn’t make any at our place near Northfield this year, but the Afton bushes were really loaded. We had a lot of help … See more

The Fourth


Saturday, July 4 – Today we went to Cim & Courtney’s for the afternoon and for supper. We picked plums, watched the kids shoot fireworks and play tag and visited. We had Mexican stack for supper with all the fixings … See more

Hidden Animals


Can you find the hidden creature(s) in these photographs? Did you find them all?     … See more

The Miracle Cake


Friday, July 3 – This is the story of a birthday cake that shouldn’t have been edible, but somehow survived a very unusual baking process. It begins with a broken stove. My stove went out and we decided not to … See more


Happy about Summer!


Aspen took some pictures of Carolina throwing up some blooms from the desert willow tree. I visited to turn them into this funny gif file.

Lavender Fields Forever


Sunday, June 21 – We finally visited the lavender farm of Danny and Laurie Davis, Thistle Dew Farms. We missed their special event on June 6. They have everything fixed up so cute. We had a lot of fun. The … See more

Father’s Day Lunch


Sunday, June 21 – Georgia and Courtney put together a wonderful meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, salad, bread and chocolate cupcakes.   … See more

Roundup Fail


Saturday, June 20 – Everyone was geared up to round up and brand some calves today. The cowboys were there, the horses were there, the former cowboys were there, the helicopter was there, the girls were there. Unfortunately, the cows … See more


Laredo and Andrea Engaged!

Friday, June 19 –

Love is definitely in the air around here. We’re so excited for them both. Rumor has it that the big day will be in about a year.