Lady’s Bluff Hike

Sunday, March 22 – This afternoon we packed a picnic lunch and hiked a trail not too far from where Atlanta and Jordan live. It ends up at a scenic overlook of the Tennessee River.

Road Trip


Friday, March 13 – A couple of proud uncles came up from Texas on a fast trip to see Alan. Courtney and Andrea came along, too. It was their first trip to Tennessee. Sunday afternoon everyone was outside enjoying the … See more

Didn’t Wait for Grammie…


How would you like to get a call at 1:40 in the morning from a daughter in labor who was all alone in her houseĀ  (except for a one year old) and who was only 900 miles away? Let me … See more

Very Chilly Weekend


Saturday, February 28 – This last day of February turned out to be so cold. We got quiet a bit of snow yesterday with more ice pellets during the night. The men have had to get out and feed, break … See more

The Lizard’s Lair


We’ve been making a few changes around here. Stockton now has his own room. His first order of business was to move his lizards, turtle, and fish into his new digs. I think it turned out very well. Quite cozy … See more

February Cloud Show


It was a good month for sky photos. Actually, I haven’t ever experienced a bad month for sky photos. Unless it would be during the two bad drought years. (You need a few clouds to get a really awesome sunset … See more

Happy First Birthday Marian!


One year ago today, this little darling came in to our lives. What a blessing she’s been to everyone lucky enough to know her! Day one 10 days old 6 months old 10 months old My first birthday … See more

The Northfield News


If you sneak into Carolina’s room, this is what you might see: She’s started writing her own paper called “The Northfield News”. It’s all typed up on a vintage typewriter. We’ve had a lot of fun reading it. If you’d … See more