First Thanksgiving at Grammie and Granddad’s


Thursday, November 27 – Thanksgiving is always better with Christmas decorations up. Carolina made this darling banner for the front entry. We decided to use some of my vintage luggage for a fun new holiday look. In the kitchen, our … See more

Marian’s Here!


Tuesday, November 25 – Late tonight, the Goodwins arrived from Tennessee. Marian wasn’t too sure about all the strange faces that she hadn’t seen in a while. We enjoyed watching her while mom and dad had some supper. The next … See more

*RARE PHOTO* Panda Kills Deer


Wednesday, November 26 – Tonight Nathan and Carolina were hunting and Carolina killed this 8-point. It’s her first deer! Way to go, Carolina! … See more

Wednesday Night Sunset


Wednesday, November 19 – On the way to Wednesday night services at the Matador Church of Christ, I had everybody hanging out the windows trying to get a good picture of a beautiful sunset. These are the best shots. … See more

Firewood Duty


Monday, November 17 – This afternoon the boys and Nathan assembled a large amount of firewood to fuel our woodstoves. … See more

Stockton’s Deer


Monday, November 17 – Nathan and Stockton went hunting together tonight. Stockton shot this nice 8-point buck. … See more


November Snow

Sunday, November 16 -

A cold snap brought some pretty snow cover that lasted a day or two. The kids enjoyed bringing out the hot chocolate and warm blankets. It certainly got everyone in a holiday mood.



Marian’s Photo Shoot


Atlanta took some darling shots of Marian on one of the vintage-style photo prop metal beds that they make and sell. You may have seen them on facebook already, but I thought they were worth re-posting here. If you’d like … See more

Shower for Lora


Sunday, November 9, 2014 – We traveled to Lubbock this afternoon to attend a shower for my niece. It was nice to see so many that I hadn’t seen in a while. … See more