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 February News

Wednesday, February 26 - Trip to Town - Today Atlanta and I and the three kids ran into Linden to do some laundry and pick up a few groceries. It was Marian's first outing.

Tuesday, February 24 - Marian Photo Gallery - Hopefully, these pictures will catch everyone up on Marian's progress so far. I've been taking lots of pictures, but haven't had time to post regularly. These are all dated after the ones in the earlier video (below). Enjoy!

Granddad's goodbye hug.

This picture looks like Aunt Aspen's baby pictures.

She really likes to stretch and squeak.

All packed up with no place to go.

Watching Mom cook breakfast.

This looks complicated, Mom.

Sweetest face ever with a little milk mouth.

Try and relax.

"Pretty in purple" pair.

Aunt Carolina steals another one.

Skin to Skin with Mom in her funny shirt.

Chat with Mom

Uncle Laredo's turn.

Monday, February 24 - Visit From the Morgan's - Atlanta and Jordan's good friends, Janet and Dustin Morgan, came over for lunch and a visit today. They have three little girls that are so cute and had a blast playing with Carolina, Stockton, Sam and Peter.

Taco soup for lunch.

Upstairs demolition crew.

Sunday, February 23 - Pretty Tennessee Evening

Monday, February 17 - Welcome, Marian Edith Goodwin!


Marian from Shannon Ranch on Vimeo.\

Thursday, February 13 - On the Way to Tennessee, Finally!

Sunrise in Oklahoma

Traffic in Arkansas

Crossing the Mississippi with Memphis in view.

Looking up at the bridge trusses.

Tuesday, February 11 - More Snowfall - Nice, big flakes and calm winds. It looks like a Christmas card (except for all the equipment setting around). Hopefully, this will clear out tomorrow and we can make another run at Tennessee.

Sunday, February 9 - Close Call on I-40 - Windy, Laredo, Stockton and Carolina left home early this morning heading for Tennessee. Going on the last weather report from the day before, we were hoping to make Tennessee before the next cold spell hit. Unfortunately, the weather came about 12 hours too early. East of Elk City, Oklahoma, on I-40 heading east, at about 7:30 in the morning, suddenly the road turned to black ice. Losing control of the pickup, we spun around facing west and ran into the cable drift fence in the median. No one was hurt, but the scary stuff was just beginning. We pulled forward to get the back end out of the passing lane, but could only go forward a few feet. We were stuck on the fence.  All around us semi trucks began losing control as well. One tractor trailer came within feet of hitting our stranded pickup, sliding by on the ice. We decided to get out of the pickup and cross the westbound lane to try and get into a field. But before we could cross, several trucks collided in the eastbound lane and began sliding toward us as we stood in the median. Thankfully, they came to a stop before they reached us. Since we were still vulnerable to being hit from westbound traffic, we walked on across the highway and stayed out of the way until traffic came to a stop. We were as prepared for a few hours wait on a cold day as anyone could be. We had pillows, blankets, food, water, guns, tools, you name it. After about 2 hours, a tow truck began pulling the trucks out of the road. Laredo asked the tow truck driver to help us. He lifted our back end up and nudged us forward enough to get us off the cables and posts that we were hung on. We pulled into the westbound lane, which had begun to slowly move, and got ourselves back home. God was watching over us today.

You can see part of the fence under our pickup.

We got a couple of dents and a hole punched in the passenger side. If you look closely you can see the fence cable behind the back wheel.

Looking out the front window after everything came to a standstill finally.

The trailer of the red truck goes out at a diagonal behind it. It is a fuel truck or milk truck of some kind.

The black-cabbed truck doesn't belong to the trailer you see. His trailer is jackknifed behind this one. There are at least four trucks in this group.

This picture shows some trucks on the westbound side in the distance.

This is as we pulled onto the road to head home.

Several trucks in this picture seem to have come to a stop safely, although on the wrong side.

Visit with Craig Hunt - Our good friend, Craig, from South Dakota came by for a visit this afternoon.

Thursday, February 6 - Rare Treat - Tonight I suggested that the boys cook supper since they haven't been able to do a lot of windmill work in this weather. To my surprise, they eagerly undertook the job.

Cim started thawing turkey hot dogs, Stockton thawed meat and made chili, and Laredo whipped up some brownies. Carolina looks a little skeptical...

Instead of taking the easy way out and boiling the hot dogs, Cim grilled them over the coals in the woodstove.

Look at this amazing feast!

They even cleaned up the mess and washed dishes.

Tuesday, February 4 - Snow Forts - Stockton and Carolina have been working on some snow forts. They may run out of snow before they get them finished.

Stockton is going with a rectangular fort.

Carolina likes a circular igloo type.

Nathan's Birthday - This evening we celebrated Nathan's birthday with some pan-fried K.C. Steaks (some that weren't stolen) and a devil's food cake with caramel icing. Don't know why I didn't take any pictures of it all. I guess I was eager to eat my steak. I did snap this picture of the half-eaten cake afterwards.

Sunday, February 2 - More Snow

Saturday, February 1 - Get Together in Claytonville - Bad weather was on the way, but not expected until ater midnight. The Horns got together what they're called the Iron Sharpens Iron group for an afternoon of learning and an evening of fellowship. The guys had to work today, so we missed the classes, but did enjoy the evening fun. Warm soup and warm friendships were in great supply.

Goodbye Jeremiah - Jordan's brother, Jeremiah, had been working in Texas for a few months. However, he took another job in Tennessee and is supposed to start soon. He stopped by and spent the night with us. After catching up this morning at breakfast, he's off to Tennessee.

Random Funny Pics

The interest runs high amongst the dogs while Stockton enjoys his breakfast toast.

Later I snapped this picture of him reading a book for school.

These signs were put up by Carolina. She was making some bike trails or something.

I found this painted board marker that she made to put on the grave of her rabbit, Chip, that was killed by Rusty when the hutch was left open one night.