Cane Creek


Thursday, May 26 – Atlanta and Jordan took us to a new place on Cane Creek to swim. Jordan saw a little turtle swim to the top for air. Stockton was able to dive and find it. I stayed dry … See more

The Memphis Zoo


Tuesday, May 24 – While on our trip to Tennessee, we took a day trip to Memphis to visit the zoo. We were impressed with the size and style of the zoo and the exhibits. It was so special to … See more

Laundry the Old-Fashioned Way


Stockton, Carolina and Marian stayed busy doing laundry with Atlanta’s hand washer and hanging the clothes out on the line. They got quite good at it and made it fun. Marian even has her own clothes line. … See more

New Recruits


What happens when toddlers break into their uncle Stockton’s airsoft duffle bag? I’m not sure they’re dangerous, but they’re definitely cute. Stockton calls them the “Delta Babies”. … See more


Must See Speech


While in Tennessee, we were fortunate enough to be able to hear this constitutional lawyer speak. I hope you’ll take the time to watch it and have your kids watch it with you. It’s practically equivalent to an entire government class. You’ll hear things you’ve been longing to hear for a long time with concise recommendations on what we as citizens can do to fix our broken system and return to our constitutional roots and God-given rights.

Click Here for Speech Video

Click Here for Speech Audio only

Click Here for reference handout referred to in speech

Click Here to visit her website

Unusual Clouds Steal the Show


Tuesday, April 19 – We had a nice shower today which followed on the heels of some earlier rain on the weekend. We didn’t get as much as Cim and Courtney did at Afton, but this will certainly help grow … See more


Green Food, actually

Wednesday, April 13 –

Join Marian and Alan for a healthy picnic by the creek. Everything’s going well until Marian hears a bull frog and gets a little nervous.


The Working Man

If your 12-month-old isn’t doing his share of the chores and your 24-month-old isn’t cooking, you may not be expecting enough out of your children. Atlanta and Jordan’s son, Alan, is pulling his weight.


Male Communication

Monday, April 4 – No surprise that father and son, Jordan and Alan, discuss a book about tractors with nothing but sounds. No words needed!

Laredo & Andrea Wedding


Saturday, March 12 – In a beautiful ceremony this afternoon, Laredo married Andrea Crowley at the historic old school in Turkey, Texas. Many friends and relatives of both families were in attendance. The large vintage room was cleverly sectioned off … See more

Jennifer Ward Baby Shower


Saturday, February 27 – How fortunate that Atlanta was in Texas when Jennifer’s shower rolled around. We drove over to Clarendon a little early to do some antique shopping. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find very much open in Memphis or Clarendon, … See more