Bella at Church

Sunday, November 27 –

Cim and Courtney sit in front of us at church. So that makes our view especially wonderful. Today she was in a little Christmas outfit.



And last week she was sucking her thumb and looking adorable…









Supper in Lubbock

Friday, November 25 –

We traveled to Lubbock again for a very special party with my uncle Harold from North Carolina, my cousin Sheila and her son, Joshua, who is now stationed in Texas. Cousin, Kristin hosted and really spoiled us all. Lots of family was there and it was a good time. We kind of did a potluck thing and the kids played a game called “heads up”.

photo_20161125_181715 photo_20161125_181735 photo_20161125_181751 photo_20161125_181804 photo_20161125_182239 photo_20161125_192733 photo_20161125_193956 photo_20161125_200243



Big Thanksgiving Get-Together

Thursday, November 24 –

There was a pretty large group this year at our annual get together in Wilson. The weather was perfect and the food was amazing. Everything was so delicious. Several new dishes made appearances this year.

photo_20161124_130216 photo_20161124_124944

As well as a new person or two in the family…



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Stockton’s Buck

Tuesday, November 22 –

It took a little stalking, but he found him. Stockton caught up with this mule deer as he was rubbing his antlers in a bush.

photo_20161122_091411 photo_20161122_091348 photo_20161122_091731 photo_20161122_091652

Big Group for Supper

Sunday, November 6 –

Today we had first Sunday potluck at church. Several friends, some of the Robertson’s from the Floydada/Crosbyton area, as well as the Goodwins who are visiting, and Cim and Laredo and their families, came with us and enjoyed all the good food and fellowship. After church, we had a big group come out to the ranch and continue the visiting. For supper, everybody pitched in to help and we had some more yummy food. I thought we could all fit around our big table, but we had to spread out a little more than that.