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 March News


Sunday, March 30 - Wedding Anniversary - What a wonderful year for Jordan and Atlanta! Happy Anniversary!

If you somehow managed to miss any of the wedding posts from last March, you can catch up here.


Saturday, March 29 - Signs of Spring

Peach trees putting on leaves.

Strawberries blooming.

Garden beds being prepared for planting.

Stockton's greenhouse trays starting to sprout.

Mixed greens growing well in the greenhouse, too.

Phone Pics - I'm afraid I'm terribly behind in my Atlanta Diaries slideshows. I intend to catch them up though, don't worry. But until then here's a few a my favorite shots that Atlanta and Jordan have sent from Tennessee in the last couple of weeks.



Thursday, March 27 - Afternoon Visit - Regina and some of the Phipps kids came over this afternoon for a visit. It was a great time and the kids really had some fun. (not to mention lots of lemonade and brownies)

Wednesday, March 26 - Evening Scene

Sunday, March 23 - New Used Jeep - Nathan and the boys traded some windmill work for this 1966 Jeep. It's been in the shop for a while getting all fixed up. This afternoon they went into Childress to pick it up. They'll mostly use it to drive around the ranch checking cattle and for hunting.

Here's some video I shot when I rode in the jeep out in the wheat field. The horses weren't too sure about it and kind of got all stirred up. I have an app on my phone called Magisto, that takes your videos and pictures and let's you choose a style and some music and it puts a video together for you. It turned out kind of neat so I thought I'd post it.



A Couple of Interesting Things From February - Since February was kind of a busy month, what with Jordan and Atlanta's baby coming and all, I missed posting a couple of things. First, check out these awesome little models that Stockton made with cardboard and hot glue. They are replicas of some civil war ironclads.

They're just a few inches long each.

Now watch this video of the kids having fun at last month's get together.


Cup Thingy from Shannon Ranch on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 22 -Lovely Sunset

Thursday, March 20 - Hiding in Plain Sight - The kids were waiting for Nathan and the boys to come back to the house after being back on the ranch. They were hoping to surprise them, but finally had to give up because it was getting dark.

A couple of monkeys...

Tuesday, March 18 - Cousins and Reptiles - Hannah came to visit for a couple of days. The kids had non-stop fun.

Monday, March 17 - Happy Birthday Marian! One Month Old Today!

Friday, March 15 - Unusual Skies - Some "almost" rain clouds and the setting sun on the opposite horizon, made for some rare color.

Thursday, March 14 - My Sky this morning

Uncle Cim in Tennessee!


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Enjoying the morning sunshine.

Sweet Meat Squash - Stockton, our resident green thumb, has been saving seeds from the heirloom squash that we've been growing for several years. It only takes a few of these plants to keep you in squash through the winter. They're more like pumpkin than summer squash. We like them better for pies because the flesh is not so stringy and there's more meat and less stringy slime than a regular pumpkin. They're also great in savory soups such as pureed vegetable soup, one of our family favorites. They store well in a cool dry place all winter. Stockton has some extra seeds and has them for sale while supplies last. They are 1.75 for 20 seeds. You can save seeds yourself from the squash you grow since they are heirloom variety. Look above on the side bar for ordering information.


Sunday, March 9 - Trip to the Fishin' Hole - Nathan took the kids to a little deep hole they found down by the river. It's not much to brag about, but we're proud of it.

Isn't this a nice bass?

It's kind of a catch and release deal.

Here's one dad caught.

This gives you an idea of the amazing width of this fishin' hole. I guess everything's not bigger in Texas.

Some nice scenery shots Nathan took.

Saturday, March 8 - Josh and Jennifer's Wedding - We traveled to Clarendon for the wedding of two good friends.

Carolina and Stockton: Have ipods will travel

Couldn't resist this shot of a historic Victorian home in Clarendon.

Cim and Laredo were ushers and Aspen helped with the serving.

They did a cute job of decorating. Kind of a Texas, farm, vintage thing.

Catching up with old friends.

Wednesday, March 6 - Back to Texas - We had a long trip back. The distance was the same, but the time was longer. There was still some snow and ice in parts of Tennessee and Arkansas and lots of traffic jams.

An accident that we came upon.

A bridge somewhere in Arkansas.

Around the Cabin - Some fun shots of what we were up to at the Goodwin's during our last few days of visiting.

Jordan and Laredo built some walls and some shelves.

Time for tea.

This stack of firewood makes a nice contrast to Marian's little clothes drying by the fire.

Atlanta making cinnamon rolls.

Carolina with a new friend. Can you see it?

More Marian Pics - A few more good shots before we leave Tennessee.