Shower in Midland

Sunday, January 31 –

The ladies of Fairmont Park church of Christ in Midland, where Andrea’s father is the pulpit minister, showered her with gifts galore. Andrea’s grandmother, Judy, aunt, Denise, and cousin, Makenna as well as the Shannon ladies, traveled to Midland to be a part of the event.

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Windy’s Birthday Surprises

Saturday, January 16 –

Courtney and Cim invited us for supper at their house tonight. We had a delicious pasta dish and a chocolate cake with delicious icing.

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The best present I got was when Courtney and Cim gave me a card. Inside it broke the news that they were expecting in September! The best early birthday present ever!

Tuesday, January 19 –

This is what I saw at my desk when I first got up.


Carolina left me some sweet notes.

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