Very Chilly Weekend

Saturday, February 28 –

This last day of February turned out to be so cold. We got quiet a bit of snow yesterday with more ice pellets during the night. The men have had to get out and feed, break water and cut wood, but we girls have stayed pretty close to the fire:)

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The Lizard’s Lair

We’ve been making a few changes around here. Stockton now has
his own room. His first order of business was to move his lizards, turtle, and fish into his new digs. I think it turned out very well. Quite cozy actually.

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February Cloud Show

It was a good month for sky photos. Actually, I haven’t ever experienced a bad month for sky photos. Unless it would be during the two bad drought years. (You need a few clouds to get a really awesome sunset or sunrise) But I digress, back to February…



Happy First Birthday Marian!

One year ago today, this little darling came in to our lives. What a blessing she’s been to everyone lucky enough to know her!

Day one

10 days old

6 months old

10 months old

My first birthday

The Northfield News

If you sneak into Carolina’s room, this is what you might see:

She’s started writing her own paper called “The Northfield News”.


It’s all typed up on a vintage typewriter. We’ve had a lot of fun reading it. If you’d like to subscribe (.25 per copy), get in touch with Carolina at


Family Dance at Turkey

Saturday, February 14 –

A fun evening was had by all. Lots of music, dancing and food–what’s not to like? Thank you to all who came. It’s not easy to get homeschoolers together, we’re all so spread out, but it’s worth the effort when you see the kids having so much good, clean fun. Besides, we all know homeschoolers need lots of socialization…


Josiah’s Birthday Party

Thursday, February 5 –

Just a little get together over at the Phipps to celebrate the big occasion.