McKittrick Canyon Hike

Tuesday, August 1 –

Because we thought we hadn’t walked enough the day before, we drove about 45 miles south to the northern end of the Guadalupe Mountains and hiked up Mckittrick Canyon. It’s part of the large Guadalupe State Park. It took us most of the day to hike from the trail head to the McKittrick rim and back. We took our time and stopped to rest and take plenty of pictures.

IMG-20170801-WA0008 IMG-20170801-WA0021

IMG-20170801-WA0009 IMG-20170731-WA0026 IMG-20170731-WA0025


This cabin built in the forties by the original owners of the ranch was tucked away in the valley

IMG-20170731-WA0021 IMG-20170801-WA0011


This interesting feature is called, “The Grotto”

2017-08-01 13.04.202017-08-01 13.31.19

2017-08-01 12.39.16 2017-08-01 12.41.06 2017-08-01 12.43.48

2017-08-01 13.30.58 IMG-20170731-WA0024 2017-08-01 13.30.29

2017-08-01 13.22.50

2017-08-01 10.31.03

2017-08-01 11.53.29 2017-08-01 11.55.08 2017-08-01 12.49.05 2017-08-01 13.55.57

2017-08-01 14.06.46Stairway cut through solid rock on the ascent to the rim.

Stairway cut through solid rock on the ascent to the rim.

2017-08-01 14.19.17

Our first peak over the rim as we approached the top. The valley on the other side is very impressive.

2017-08-01 14.19.38

It was a beautiful hike and we were so fortunate to have a cool overcast day. We drove back to Northfield that night. We were very tired.












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