Beautiful Matador Evening

Sunday, October 23 –

Coming out of church this evening we were met with this lovely display of color.

Amarillo Shower for Bella

Saturday, October 22 –

Bella was the star of the afternoon, although she mostly just slept, at a shower thrown in her honor. The theme chosen was children’s books, but she received some clothing and accessories as well as some darling additions to her library. The hostesses were Jennifer Auth, Leah Lee And Kathy Rice. Kathy’s home carried the shower theme throughout, with books and baby items here and there about her home in unexpected places.


The Big Yawn

Sunday, October 16 –

I just happened to catch this adorable Bella yawn on video. This is what Grammies live for.

Cim and Courtney’s Baby Can’t Wait

Thursday, September 1 –

Courtney developed some issues that ruled out the home birth they were planning. They went to Plainview to meet the doctor their midwife suggested they use instead. Then the doctor suggested they just not go home at all. Before the day was out, Anna Bella was here. Isn’t she just so darling?

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The Baby Bump

Friday, August 19 –
Cute video of Marian and Atlanta discussing the new baby. I added a few subtitles so you wouldn’t miss what all Marian has to say.

Baby Shower at Matador church of Christ

Sunday, August 14 –

The ladies at the Matador Church met Sunday afternoon to¬† honor the upcoming birth of Courtney and Cim’s baby. Lots of gifts, lots of visiting and lots of refreshments were enjoyed by all. Family and friends from Matador, Turkey, Floydada, Afton, Roaring Springs and Northfield were present.

IMG_20160814_140705 IMG_20160814_140812-1 IMG_20160814_140836 IMG_20160814_141523 IMG_20160814_141705 IMG_20160814_141712 IMG_20160814_141801 IMG_20160814_141811 IMG_20160814_141838 IMG_20160814_141846 IMG_20160814_141902 IMG_20160814_141910 IMG_20160814_141921 IMG_20160814_141945 IMG_20160814_142008 IMG_20160814_142020 IMG_20160814_144018 IMG_20160814_144718 IMG_20160814_144748 IMG_20160814_144824 IMG-20160815-WA0004 IMG_20160814_144954 IMG_20160814_150453




Baby Shower in Lubbock

Everyone’s getting excited about Cim and Courtney’s little package that’s soon to arrive. The baby shower was held in Lubbock. The theme was, “pink or blue? we wish we knew”. She got lots of cute items and the refreshments were very yummy.





Courtney with hostesses, Andrea Shannon, Abby Phipps, and Sunny Tidwell.




The pressing question: guests were asked to choose which sex they predicted the baby would be and write their name on the appropriately colored paper outfit. The outcome was 9 girls to 8 boys, so it was pretty close.






Summer Storm

Friday afternoon, July 8, 2016. This blustery little storm rolled in and dropped some rain. Hey, we’ll take it however we can get it. Watch full screen with the volume up for best effect.

Good Supper

Saturday, June 25 –

After a hot afternoon riding horses, nobody wanted anything too heavy for supper. Biscuits and eggs really hit the spot. Especially when teamed with fresh sorghum and Mennonite-made raspberry jelly from Tennessee.

DSC_0108 DSC_0110 DSC_0112

Dragging Practice

Saturday, June 25 –

Nathan and the kids spent some time in the arena today riding horses. They had a lot of fun.

DSC00031 DSC00032 DSC00033 DSC00034

Stockton practiced dragging a heavy piece of wood around to get his horse used to the idea.



River Run


Sunday, June 5 –

This is the kids having a blast in the river on Sunday afternoon when the Tidwells and Renkens came for a visit. The weather was perfect and the recent rains put some water in the Pease river on the northwestern border of the ranch.

DSC_0971 DSC_0985 DSC_0988 DSC_1013 DSC_1015 DSC_1020


The Renkens are from Germany. Rudy came to study at the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock. We’re so glad that we’ve gotten to know them.

DSC_1029 DSC_0973-3 DSC_1016-3 DSC_1017-3

Cim and Courtney came out, too.