The Towerton Family Visits ShannonRanch


Friday, May 9, 2014

Some old friends that we hadn’t seen in over 6 years came over today. We originally met in the Childress Walmart all those years ago. I knew they were a home-school family right away. We got together back then only once and then they had to move away. But they’re back in the area, for a little while at least, and we managed to finally get our schedules coordinated on Friday. We had so much fun. We did some sewing, some crafts, ate second breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks, and talked and talked. Cim and Laredo even got to stop by for a short visit when they had to come pick up some tools.


From top left: Jeffrey, Olivia, Melissa; 2nd row: Lily, Caleb; front: Angelina, Makayla

DSC_0574 DSC_0575

Everybody takes a turn milking the cow.






Baby Bird Encounter


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stockton found this little bird under a tree. I guess he had been pushed out of the nest. Hopefully his mom is nearby watching over him. We think it’s a wren of some kind.



Hazy Skies


Friday, April 11


Today the skies were so hazy, we knew there must be a fire around somewhere. I got on google earth and checked the current fire overlay and this is what I saw. Lots of wildfires in Kansas and Oklahoma must have been the main cause. If you have google earth installed on your computer (free download, just google it), then you can visit and click on the link labeled: “Fire Detections(MODIS): Current”. When a box comes up, click “browse” then Open with google. Once you’ve done this, then you can check or uncheck the current fire option when you’re using the google software, much the way you can uncheck roads, towns, and other places. It’s pretty helpful if you’re interested in keeping up with wildfire news.

fire map