Matador Storms Bring Excitement

Wednesday, April 22 –

While sitting in church, my phone vibrated with a warning signal from my RadarNow app. I glanced at the radar to see an ominous cloud headed for Matador and a red tornado warning box around us. Church lasted 10 more minutes and then we all zoomed away quickly. We decided to drive home. As we got east of town heading north on FM 94, we could see the cloud more clearly. It was very dark and low hanging. I had Carolina snapping pictures in the back seat on her tablet, but when we got home and could look at them, we found that they were dark and blurry. I wish we could have gotten better pictures.

However, Cim found this photo by a storm watcher on facebook reposted by a friend of his. This would be facing east, taken from the Allsup’s parking lot.

storm 3

This video was posted on facebook by Don Baxter, Jr.

We noticed a storm chaser sitting on the edge of town as we sped home. I found a youtube video that must have been taken by him and captured these two shots. His name is Spencer Basoco. This is exactly what we saw in front of us in the northern sky on our way home.

storm shot 2 storm shot

The real scary cloud was in the western sky headed toward Matador. I wish these shots were better, but maybe you can get an idea of what we were seeing.

wpid-img_20150423_103438_5_.jpg wpid-img_20150423_103433_4_.jpg wpid-img_20150423_103425_2_.jpg wpid-img_20150423_103421_1_.jpg

Well, I told you they weren’t that good. I wish I would have stopped and taken some, but we were in a pretty big hurry to get home. Georgia ended up going to the courthouse in Matador. They have a large basement. She said there were about 100 people there during the worst of the storm.





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