Windy’s Birthday Surprises

Saturday, January 16 –

Courtney and Cim invited us for supper at their house tonight. We had a delicious pasta dish and a chocolate cake with delicious icing.

20160116_191904 20160116_191848


The best present I got was when Courtney and Cim gave me a card. Inside it broke the news that they were expecting in September! The best early birthday present ever!

Tuesday, January 19 –

This is what I saw at my desk when I first got up.


Carolina left me some sweet notes.

20160119_074337 20160119_074345 20160119_074355 20160119_074414 20160119_074422 20160119_074427



The Tennessee Dry Sink (plus more new decorations)

While in Tennessee for Alan’s birth, we went to an estate sale. I bought this marvelous metal dry sink.

20150410_102656 DSC_0721

I found this picture on pinterest (follow me@Shannon Ranch). I loved it and used it as an inspiration.


Cim offered to paint it for me one day last week. I’m so in love with it. I’d like to use it someday in a real sink application somehow.

DSC_0125 DSC_0127

We also made a few other changes. We painted the coffee table a similar color and then distressed it a bit.


DSC_0129 DSC_0128

We also recovered a lamp shade. We ripped off the red material and replaced it with our color. Carolina is also sewing us some new curtains. I’ll post on that later when they’re all finished and installed.

DSC_0064 DSC_0067 DSC_0069 DSC_0073 DSC_0074





Mother’s Day Surprises

Sunday, May 10 –

Today was filled with very nice surprises. First, upon awakening, this was what I saw waiting for me on my desk.



a large vase of wildflowers, cards, posters and various notes.

As we left out for church, I was also surprised to see my pickup freshly washed.


Apparently, Stockton and Carolina had been out in their bedclothes at 6:30 doing the job.

After church, everyone rushed away from church in their various vehicles. ( which wasn’t strange as the boys are always dashing away somewhere without notifying me.) Nathan and I stayed and visited as we usually do. We stopped by Georgia’s to pick up Stockton and Carolina who often go home with her after church. I walked in the door to find everyone there and a large spread of food prepared and ready.



There were two kinds of enchiladas, fried rice, black beans, salad, chips and hot sauce! and for dessert, a wonderful cherry cheesecake with chocolate topping. Who wouldn’t feel special after this treatment?

Aren’t our children such a gift from God? We’ve been chosen to raise them and give them a good foundation in the Lord. As they are now coming of age and becoming responsible for their own lives before God, it fills my heart with gladness to see them making good choices and living amazing lives for God.