Hazy Skies


Friday, April 11


Today the skies were so hazy, we knew there must be a fire around somewhere. I got on google earth and checked the current fire overlay and this is what I saw. Lots of wildfires in Kansas and Oklahoma must have been the main cause. If you have google earth installed on your computer (free download, just google it), then you can visit http://activefiremaps.fs.fed.us/googleearth.php and click on the link labeled: “Fire Detections(MODIS): Current”. When a box comes up, click “browse” then Open with google. Once you’ve done this, then you can check or uncheck the current fire option when you’re using the google software, much the way you can uncheck roads, towns, and other places. It’s pretty helpful if you’re interested in keeping up with wildfire news.

fire map




Thursday, April 10


We had to meet the FEDEX guy down at the Northfield intersection to pick up a package. While there, we took these pictures of some of the leftovers of yesterday’s wildfire.



Goodies from Germany


Wednesday, April 9


We got a package today from my niece, Audrey Hyland and her family who are stationed in Germany. It was full of German food items. Chocolates, cookies, fruit bars and even frankfurters in a jar! The kids had such fun trying everything. What a great gift!






Wednesday, April 9


This afternoon, amidst high winds, a grass fire got started by someone checking cows in a 4-wheeler. Grant Phipps, who works for Dish Network and happened to be traveling near Northfield, called to see if we were okay. That was the first we knew of it. Luckily, the winds were blowing it in the opposite direction. Still, it’s a good reminder to be watchful this time of year. It’s so dry everywhere. The Matador volunteer fire debt. came within 20 minutes and took advantage of a lull in the wind and the fire reaching the pavement of FM 656 to stop it before it got into rough canyon land across the road.


These shots of the fire were taken on Cim’s phone. They happened to be headed home in the well truck and were almost to Northfield (10 minutes from home) but couldn’t get by because the fire was up to the road. The fireman were turning people back. He took a few pics and then backed up and went back across the river. They had to take a detour which meant that their journey home ended up taking an hour and a half.



Feathery Visitor



Tuesday, April 1

Another little bird hit the window and got stunned for a few minutes. We always take the opportunity to get a rare close up view before releasing them again. This is one of the gold finch that we have here in the winter.


Gardski’s Loft



Saturday, April 5, 2014

After attending the funeral and the graveside service Saturday, we took the kids to a really good restaurant in downtown Lubbock. It brought back lots of memories for me and Nathan. We both have fond memories of eating there during our youth with family and friends, as well as a few times when we were dating.


Unfortunately, they didn’t still have the Gardski’s famous salad on the menu, which was my favorite, and Nathan and the boys were a little disappointed in the size of the chicken fried steaks. But the food was still good and the atmosphere inside the old house makes this a fun dining experience. It’s located on Broadway, just SE of Broadway Church of Christ.

20140405_124909_13th St

Windy and Carolina enjoying some family time

Gardski’s Loft


Aspen and Virginia



Sunday, March 30


Aspen takes her turn in the round pen. She’s riding Virginia, a beautiful Galiceno.

She was quite fresh and tried a few tricks with Aspen.



A few more times around and around…now whoa….backup, backup…stand still…she’s licking her lips, that means she accepts it.


Nathan finished her up and made sure all her little tricks were proved futile. Now she’s being unsaddled. We’ve found the jeep is a great thing for hauling saddles back and forth from the tack shed to the round pen.


Patient Carolina hopes for a turn.