Wonderful Christmas Day

Sunday, December 25 –

The day started out with presents from Santa and then we went to church. After which, the married kids joined us for lunch at the house and more “Christmas-ing”.

img-20161225-wa0004 img-20161225-wa0005 img-20161225-wa0007 img-20161225-wa0008 img-20161225-wa0009 img-20161225-wa0010img-20161225-wa0021 img-20161225-wa0011


photo_20161225_104934 photo_20161225_105456

photo_20161225_161607 img-20161225-wa0039 photo_20161225_065503 photo_20161225_143437 photo_20161225_144425 photo_20161225_144820 photo_20161225_144917 photo_20161225_155030 photo_20161225_161429

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