Christmas at Granny’s

Monday, December 26 –

Everybody met at Granny’s in Lubbock for an evening gathering. I guess we hadn’t consumed enough snacks, food and dessert over the holidays already…


Sunny brought sugar cookies for the kids to decorate.

PHOTO_20161226_190153 PHOTO_20161226_180622

As usual, the babies are a big hit. Kade and Bella stole the show.

PHOTO_20161226_180107PHOTO_20161226_191442 PHOTO_20161226_180014 PHOTO_20161226_175951 PHOTO_20161226_175925 PHOTO_20161226_175904

Macy, Carolina, Hannah and Carly…everyone is growing up fast.

PHOTO_20161226_173706 IMG-20161226-WA0020

James and Nathan got to spend some quality time together.


Laredo gets in some “daddy” practice with niece, Bella.

IMG-20161226-WA0015 IMG-20161226-WA0013 IMG-20161226-WA0002



Lora and Aaric are looking good.




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