Wednesday, April 9


This afternoon, amidst high winds, a grass fire got started by someone checking cows in a 4-wheeler. Grant Phipps, who works for Dish Network and happened to be traveling near Northfield, called to see if we were okay. That was the first we knew of it. Luckily, the winds were blowing it in the opposite direction. Still, it’s a good reminder to be watchful this time of year. It’s so dry everywhere. The Matador volunteer fire debt. came within 20 minutes and took advantage of a lull in the wind and the fire reaching the pavement of FM 656 to stop it before it got into rough canyon land across the road.


These shots of the fire were taken on Cim’s phone. They happened to be headed home in the well truck and were almost to Northfield (10 minutes from home) but couldn’t get by because the fire was up to the road. The fireman were turning people back. He took a few pics and then backed up and went back across the river. They had to take a detour which meant that their journey home ended up taking an hour and a half.



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