Callahan Michael Shannon

Thursday, May 18 –

Early on the morning of May 12, Andrea and Laredo, had a sweet little boy. He weighed 7 lb., 14 oz. and was 21 1/4″ long. He was born in Midland, Texas at a natural birthing center.


This was the picture Laredo texted me a few minutes after Callahan was born with this message “Just had a boy Callahan Michael”



After a long night of labor…



Just look at the love in Andrea’s eyes on her first Mother’s Day on May 14

wpid-img-20170515-wa0002.jpg wpid-img-20170515-wa0004.jpgwpid-img-20170517-wa0005.jpg

Sadly, some of our group were sick when Callahan first made his appearance and it took a few days before we felt that we should be around a newborn. But, finally, on Thursday the 18th, we got to see Cal in person.


Great Granny welcomes great grandchild #14

wpid-img-20170518-wa0022.jpg wpid-img-20170518-wa0014.jpeg wpid-img-20170518-wa0029.jpg wpid-img-20170518-wa0032.jpg wpid-photo_20170518_173313.jpg wpid-photo_20170518_173227.jpg wpid-photo_20170518_173207.jpg

Isn’t he just a doll?






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  1. Awww, such excited news! Praise God for this precious little blessing!! How special that he was here for Mother’s Day! ♥ May God richly bless their growing family as they seek to glorify Him!

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