Elsie Meets Granddad

Saturday, May 6 –

We just returned from spending a few days in Tennessee. Nathan was anxious to meet Elsie, Atlanta’s new baby, who is already 5 months old. The visit wasn’t long enough, but at least we were able to spend some quality time with Jordan and Atlanta and re-connect with Marian and Alan, as well.

When we first arrived, two little monkeys were peeking out the window. Then Jordan brought little Elsie out to meet granddad.

PHOTO_20170502_110910 PHOTO_20170502_110926

It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with her.


Later in the day we took the kids to a park nearby at Mouse Tail Landing state park on the Tennessee River.

PHOTO_20170502_170301 PHOTO_20170502_171013 PHOTO_20170502_171058 PHOTO_20170502_172428 PHOTO_20170502_172743 PHOTO_20170502_175515 PHOTO_20170502_175524 PHOTO_20170502_181112 PHOTO_20170502_181314

In a couple of days, all the kids had warmed up to Granddad nicely.

PHOTO_20170503_125815 PHOTO_20170503_081306

PHOTO_20170504_103647 PHOTO_20170504_164723










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