Cane Creek

Thursday, May 26 –

Atlanta and Jordan took us to a new place on Cane Creek to swim.

20160526_105748 20160526_111811 20160526_112308 20160526_113828

Jordan saw a little turtle swim to the top for air. Stockton was able to dive and find it.




I stayed dry on the bank except for that moment when I slipped on the slippery rocks (with Alan in my arms) and completely fell on my back. No one was hurt, but Alan basically got dunked in freezing water. He was not happy about it at all. Later, after he played in the sand and puddles, Atlanta had to all but dunk him again to get him clean. Hopefully, he’ll forget his bad experiences at the creek moving forward…

Here’s a video I put together with these pictures and a little footage I took with my phone:

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