Breezy Hike at Caprock Canyons

Monday, February 19 –

Atlanta and Jordan stayed an extra day so that we could go to Caprock Canyons State Park near Quitaque. Atlanta really wanted to show it to Jordan and the kids. Sadly, Aspen, Carolina and Nathan were too sick to go, but our small group had a lot of fun anyway. The wind was really blowing, but once we dropped off in the canyon, we hardly noticed it at all. We drove around checking out the prairie dogs and buffalo, then found a place to picnic before going on a hike down the valley.


DSC_3841 DSC_3845 DSC_3846 20180219-DSC2_3849 20180219-DSC2_3857 20180219-DSC2_3858 DSC_3863.2 DSC_38642 DSC_38652 DSC_38682 DSC_38702 DSC_38712 DSC_38732 DSC_38742 DSC_38762 DSC_38782 DSC_38802 DSC_38812 DSC_38842 DSC_38882 DSC_38922 DSC_38972 DSC_39012 DSC_39052

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