Bible Bowl

Friday, April 14 –

A group of several adults and teenagers traveled to Dallas today for the annual North Texas Leadership Training for Christ convention. The kids were competing in the Bible Bowl competition which took place on Friday evening. This year’s study material encompassed the entire book of Acts. The competition consisted of four rounds of 25 multiple choice questions per round.

The kids had been practicing on Sunday afternoons for a while as well as lots of personal study on their own. The kids were divided into two teams of four. A boy’s team and a girl’s team. The competition between the two teams was pretty fierce.

2017-04-14 12.23.07

We left early and stopped along the way for lunch.

2017-04-14 12.23.18

Once we arrived, everyone split up to check out the other competitions and the vendor booths.



2017-04-14 15.28.57

As the start time drew near, our two teams were eager to begin. The girl’s team consisted of Carolina, Sarah Robertson, Anica Carolan and Kimber Robertson. The boys team was made up of Randall Robertson, Brance Boger, Luke Carolan and Stockton. The teams lined up in vertical rows.





2017-04-14 18.54.34 2017-04-14 18.54.39 2017-04-14 18.54.45 2017-04-14 20.52.31 2017-04-14 21.05.24


They all did very good. The girl’s team got a gold medal and Carolina a personal silver medal. Stockton got a personal gold medal and his team a silver. They made some new friends, too.

2017-04-14 21.51.04 2017-04-14 21.50.32 2017-04-14 21.50.22 2017-04-14 18.44.52


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