Baby Shower at Matador church of Christ

Sunday, August 14 –

The ladies at the Matador Church met Sunday afternoon to  honor the upcoming birth of Courtney and Cim’s baby. Lots of gifts, lots of visiting and lots of refreshments were enjoyed by all. Family and friends from Matador, Turkey, Floydada, Afton, Roaring Springs and Northfield were present.

IMG_20160814_140705 IMG_20160814_140812-1 IMG_20160814_140836 IMG_20160814_141523 IMG_20160814_141705 IMG_20160814_141712 IMG_20160814_141801 IMG_20160814_141811 IMG_20160814_141838 IMG_20160814_141846 IMG_20160814_141902 IMG_20160814_141910 IMG_20160814_141921 IMG_20160814_141945 IMG_20160814_142008 IMG_20160814_142020 IMG_20160814_144018 IMG_20160814_144718 IMG_20160814_144748 IMG_20160814_144824 IMG-20160815-WA0004 IMG_20160814_144954 IMG_20160814_150453




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