Wedding Reception in Levelland

Sunday, June 14 –

We had a fun time visiting the Brashears over in Levelland and wishing their nephew Christopher and new wife Cami a happy marriage. The menu featured BBQ brisket and all the trimmings. Their beautiful party barn and outdoor space was the perfect place for entertaining.

20150614_183253 20150614_183306 20150614_183320 20150614_190257 20150614_190308 20150614_190324 20150614_190336 20150614_190400 20150614_190943 20150614_192901

As the party was breaking up, approaching storms were darkening the western skies. When we got to Lubbock, this incredibly awesome shelf cloud was covering the skies.

20150614_204044 20150614_204051 20150614_204345 20150614_204351 20150614_204406


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