Of Flowers and Other Things.

hello! I’m very sorry for not posting sooner than now,I’ve been really busy with all my daily duties,helping Aspen with all her pet birds,making sure Coconut and Gypsy don’t start a fight and catching Teddy over and over and over Etc. Etc. Etc. more on that later.Now to what all the plants have been doing these past weeks that I haven’t been posting *drum roll please.* Da Da Ta Da!!!

A very pretty red flower who’s name escapes me at the moment….


A plant called elephant ears.


A rose of sharon bush.



A white crepe myrtle.


Some little flowers who’s name I’ve also forgotten. When I was littler, I would always call them barbie bouquets:^).


A big sunflower growing in our garden.


Our pool all nice and blue,cool,refreshing…….


Maggie,Big Boy and Hershey some of Aspen’s critters.




Some of Stockton’s lizards,Bruiser and Aqua.




Stockton’s fishes.


Little Don who is nothing but feathers, trust me I know.


And now for the one and only… TEDDY THE WONDER CHICKEN!I should have named him Houdini because he can get out of pretty much anything,if you don’t believe it just read this.He got out of a wire cage,so I moved him to a different cage,he got out of that too,I moved him in with Aspen’s meat chickens,he got out of that as well and I moved him in with the Called ducks and every time i put him somewhere he always ended up back in the front yard so now he’s king of the front yard. So there you have it all the pretty flowers and a circus star (Or soon to be.)


~Lots of love~


Playhouse Clean-up

DSC_0264 (2)


My playhouse has been really dirty for the last couple of years so me and mom decided to clean it. The playhouse used to be facing south\west and every time the wind blew leaves, dust and everything you could think of blew in. It was awful.  On Sunday while the guys were here,we got them to move it to where it’s facing south.Me and mom spent almost all day out there cleaning it out.We pulled everything out all the dishes,rugs,towels and play food. We redecorated and… TA DA!! all better.



My dad made it for me about four or five years back. It has two windows.It’s has a  barn-like door, the top and bottom parts are separate so the top swings open with out having to open the bottom part.




Jordan, Atlanta’s husband, built me a bunch of  nice shelves to put all my junk on.



My refrigerator,full of all my play food.


The whole set-up even has a clock and two lamps!.


My ironing board with my iron and food trays.


We used to do a bunch of plays but we got out of it after awhile. For one of our plays we had to have a staircase. We built a staircase and after the play we took it back out to our house. We had it by a tree for a long, long, long…time but when we moved my play house, we also moved the stairs.




It is just the right height so you can get on the roof. It’s great for taking sunset\sunrise pictures.


Looking down from on top of the roof at Aspen’s geese.


A helicopter flew over as I was taking pictures so I decided to take a picture of it.



Hope you liked the pictures, I had fun taking them!

lots of love~


New Contributor- Carolina Shannon.



Hi friends, I’m Carolina I’m sure you’ve heard about me on the Ranch News. I live on Shannon Ranch with my dog, rabbit, duck, hamster and lizard. I like to dance, ride horses and bikes, sing, play music, play with my pets and siblings. I’ll be looking forward to posting more posts. You’ll be hearing from me again soon,

lots of love~

~ Carolina~